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The Powerful Inca Warriors

During the 1200 AD and 1535 AD, on the southern part of America the population of the Inca is extending, they are located in Chile’s Pacific coast to the Equator. The establishment of rules by the Inca was started during the take-over of the Moche Culture of Peru. The Inca are warriors with a sturdy and has a very powerful army. They became the prime and biggest Society of Native American because of their army’s ferocity and the hierarchical organization of the group. In the 15th Century, the pinnacle of their sovereignty was come to an end in 1535; it is when the Spanish conquerors took over the territory of the Inca’s.

Since the population of Inca was rapidly increasing, and the society of the Inca is getting stronger and stronger, the demand of protection became essential. The Inca built vast and huge fortresses on the top of very steep mountains, which will enable them to see and find their enemies so that they can defend themselves. Sacasahuman is one of the most popular Inca fortresses, which can be found in Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire. The Inca community never had a chance to have an access to transportation most especially with wheels, but even with this situation they still built an urbane road system for them to connect the villages. They built a strong road for the safety of the village people; they covered the roads with flat stones and barriers to prevent the chasqui or messengers from falling off the cliff.

These Inca warriors are not only fierce and strong but they also implemented a vicious punishment system. A person will be punished if he or she stole money or a thing from somebody, if he commits murder, and had sex with a Sapa’s wife. If an Inca had committed any of these offenses, an Inca were thrown from a cliff, their hands or eyes were cut off, or sometimes they were starved to death. Prisons are useless because the punishments are more often than not leads to death.

Inca warriors were built by bravery, discipline, and a very deep indestructible self confidence that was taught to the warriors during their rigorous training. They were also taught to be brave and courageous because the gods are always watching, guiding and protecting them in the battlefield. Being an Inca warrior is not only a duty, but the path they are taking leads them to a great honor and glory for the gods of Inca.

As a martial power, all the young males were obliged to be trained for the unforeseen war. The training to become an Inca needs a warrior strength and courage, after which, they will be specializing with the use of a particular weapon. An Inca warrior has one specialty weapon; he was trained to master the use of the weapon he chose.

The primordial weaponry by the Inca society was not highly developed by the overall principles of the era. Nevertheless, the discipline and training of an Inca is a great effect over the South American tribes.