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Customers tell about their experience with Joyvit®Maca

customerMaca has been a lifesaver for me ..

I have recommended Maca to various people I know who are menopausal. I have been taking Maca for quite a while now and I have noticed a great difference in my general attitude to life as I am not suffering from severe hot flushes and general itchiness. This was affecting me a lot before I started taking Maca. Maca has been a lifesaver for me as I am not irritable, like I used to be.
Beverly Sullivan, Bury Lancashire, United Kingdom

customer My libido problems are gone ... 
Seeing that I have libido problems, I gave Maca a try and observed a distinct improvement after only a brief period of time. Indeed, Maca keeps its promises and I highly recommend it.
Roland Richter, 01619 Zeithain, Germany 

My menopause problems disappeared ...  customer
I’m 47 and started having trouble with the typical menopause symptoms about a year ago. I suffered from heat flashes, had trouble sleeping and experienced an irritating itchy feeling in my arms and legs. In order to avoid hormone therapy, I searched the Internet for alternative treatment methods and happened to find the Maca site. I ordered a package to test the product and after only a couple of days, all my symptoms disappeared. Also, I noticed that I have much more energy than I used to have. I’m completely convinced by Maca and can only recommend it.
Eva Gay, 60437 Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

customer I do not feel my menopause anymore...

I’m glad to tell you about my positive experience with Maca. I’m 47 years old and have been using Maca on a regular basis for about one year. My main reasons for taking Maca are the heavy menopause discomforts I was experiencing, like for instance headaches, fatigue, listlessness and mood swings. Mainstream hormone therapies entailed only side-effects and weren’t successful at all, but ever since I started using Maca, I don’t feel like I’m going through menopause anymore. I feel fit and balanced… simply fantastic.

Renate Bacanji, 50127 Bergheim, Germany


My sexual energy has improved ... customer
I’ve been a very satisfied customer of your Maca products since May 2005. The effects of Maca on my body are utterly positive. My energy potential and my masculinity have become very satisfactory ever since I started taking it. The swiftness with which I physically recuperate after extreme efforts is very rare for a person my age (I’m 48). I’ll go on taking Maca on a daily basis in the future and will definitely recommend it to other people.
Frank Helmholdt, 77866 Rheinau, Germany 

customer Maca improved my libido ...

Ever since I turned thirty, I noticed a constant decline of my sexual energy. Maca has markedly improved my sexual liveliness, despite the fact that I’m already 43 now.

Klaus Mohr, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany

Maca restored my testosterone levels ... customer
I’m delighted to send you my observations, because I too am a convinced customer.
After a long cortisone treatment, my testosterone levels dropped far below reference values. This phenomenon is a direct side-effect of the cortisone treatment that lasts even after the treatment is over. With Maca, I have found a natural way to bring my body back to its original state. No more worries, lots of energy and a pleasant frame of mind … I definitely recommend Maca.
Stefan Heilmann, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany 

customer Maca for fitness and power training ...

I’ve been working out through fitness and power training for a couple of years. Maca has helped me use my natural resources and regenerate my body. I feel better than ever and crammed with energy. I recommend Maca to everyone. Just try it and experience its positive influence on your organism - without side effects - because Maca is a natural product.     

Mathias Scheler, 96524 Lindenberg, Germany

Maca has no side effects ... customer
Since February 2006, I’ve been taking Maca on a regular basis. Ever since, I can sleep throughout the night and my psychological situation has stabilized. The advantage of Maca is that it has no side-effects. That’s why I recommend this product to everybody in my circle of acquaintances.
Brigitte Hering, 51702 Bergneustadt , Germany