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Production of Testosterone and other hormones

Maca enhances the production of testosteroneMaca is made out of a combination of alkaloids that stimulate certain parts of the brain (such as the hypophysis and the hypothalamus) to produce different kinds of hormones (testosterone) that improve the sex drive and the libido.

Maca normalises the steroid hormones such as testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone. This means that Maca causes the endocrine system in both the male and the female body to produce hormones (such as testosterone) up to a level needed for the body to function in a healthy and natural way. By doing so, Maca can improve the sex drive in a natural way.

Scientist Gustavo Gonzales, associated to the Peruvian Cayateno Heredia University, is the first scientist to have studied the effects of Maca on people*. During 3 months, he has administered Maca to 9 volunteers. His conclusions where an increase of 180 to 200% of the libido and a doubled sperm production. After 2 weeks of use, Maca provided a strongly increased "desire for sex", says Gonzales. The same study also pointed out that Maca brings down the blood pressure and that there are no negative side effects for the heart.
*Published in the "Asian Journal of Andrology"

At the pages sexual energy and facts you can find more information on Maca as a virility increaser. At this website it is also possible to order the virility increasing Maca. Because of the hormone stimulating operation, Maca is effective on both men and women.

maca zegelThe Maca you can buy on this website is the only genuine Maca from Peru. It is important you know this, because there are many kinds of Maca that aren’t cultivated in Peru. There are even synthetically cultivated forms of Maca. Since the latter is grown mostly in Europe, this Maca doesn’t contain any active components.

The Maca on this website is genuine Maca from Peru. It carries the certificate for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Tests are also regularly carried out by recognized European laboratories.