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Joyvit® substitutes Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

The desire to stop ageing is world wide. The solution can be found in an optimal and balanced combination of hormones in the human body.
After taking any "external" hormone, even the natural vegetable hormones that are present in food and spices, your glands (which normally produce hormones) will get lazy. In time, this can lead to an insufficient production of hormones. The dependence on "external" hormones will only increase.

Maca operates in a different way. It does not stir up the production of hormones by applying more hormones, but Maca stimulates the endocrine system to produce hormones itself. This way, the effects can be beneficial to men and women.


In many cases hormone replacement therapy is used to stop the ageing effects. In medical literature this is often called Hormone Supplement Therapy (HRT).

Both men and women are discovering the benefits of using hormones such as testosterone, DHEA, oestrogen and human growth hormones. HRT offers advantages but it is not without side effects and also not without risks.


Maca on the other hand effects hormones in a very different and completely safe way. Maca is an intensifier and rejuvenator and stimulates the endocrine system in the human body. It stimulates the human body to produce it's own natural hormones, in the correct quantity and the correct proportions.

Maca therapy is recommended over hormone replacement therapy because HRT ages the body, decreasing the natural production of hormones. If you are taking hormones artificially, such as by taking medicine or food with vegetable hormones, this will effect the glands that normally produce this hormone in a natural way. In contrast with soy products, black cocoa, liquorice beetroot, wild yam and other products that contain hormone-like ingredients, Maca does not contain any vegetable hormone. Therefore it is simply not possible to take too much of it (overdose). Maca starts at the cause of the problem and does not only fight the symptoms.

Endocrine glands, (Figure), are located throughout the body and regulate many of its vital processes. Click on the image to enlarge.

A very important reason to use Maca instead of hormone replacement therapy is the damaging effects of HRT. More and more is said regarding the fact that taking oestrogen can be carcinogenic. This has been the subject of ongoing discussions and research. For sure we can say that Maca is a natural, safely and well working alternative for HRT.