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Ninos Unidos Peruanos

Part of the profit from each packet of Maca sold via this website and other HWB websites in Europe, goes directly to help street children in Cusco, Peru. HWB International donates a part of the profit to the Ninos Unidos Peruanos institute.

Maca helps to make us better people, both physically and mentally. Peru, the origin of our Maca, can continue to grow Maca thanks to our effort and distribution. For many Peruvian farmers it is an important source of income. But HWB International does more than just sell Maca.

Ninos Unidos Peruanos is the Dutch-Peruvian institute set up by Jolanda van den Berg. The institute is officially registered in both the Netherlands and Peru. HWB International believes it is important to support this organisation.

Ninos Unidos Peruanos

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