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Maca enhances Libido - More Sexual Energy

For both sexes, Maca, used as a nutrional supplement, is the best natural, revitalizing and stimulating product for libido. Therefore, the plant also has the nickname 'Peruvian Ginseng' or 'Peruvian Viagra'.

Since Viagra was introduced, a lot of other products have also hit the market. They are all supposed to improve sexual performances. Nevertheless, these products lack scientific evidence of their effects. Maca does have scientific evidence for its working method and effectiveness.


The Peruvians have been using Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) for centuries as an energizer and potency enhancer. To prove the positive effects of Maca, the Peruvian government has invested a lot in scientific research on this plant. These studies were performed under supervision of Dr. Qun Yi Zheng. You can find some subtracts of these studies on the page 'articles' of this website .

This research showed that Maca improves the libido in quite a drastic way and that it improves sexual performance. It also showed that it increases the frequency with which people have sex.

Maca regulates the hormonal balance and increases the testosterone level. Furthermore it also works as an aphrodisiac and fights erective dysfunctions and impotency. For men, Maca also improves the energy level, athletic performances and stamina. Maca eases problems of the male menopause. Older people who are using Maca say that they feel younger while taking Maca. The American doctor Garry Gordon relates a healthy sex life to a longer life. That's why he claims that Maca can help fight age.

For women, Maca mainly increases lust or 'the appetite for sex'. This results in a higher frequency of sexual activity. Maca fills up the deficiency of important elements in the human body, like hormones, through the adaptogen action. Women get more stamina and vitality through this process. This can affect the sexual passion of women, especially women who are perimenopausal.

People often call Maca: Peruvian Ginseng or Natural Viagra. To avoid misunderstandings we have made a list of differences between Maca and Viagra:


Libido enhancing products
  • Maca works for men and women
  • Maca works long-term
  • Maca increases stamina and energy levels
  • Maca is 100% natural and organic
  • Maca has an overall beneficial effect on the body
  • L.E.P. works only for men
  • L.E.P. has immediate effects but only short-term
  • L.E.P. doesn't make you feel fitter
  • L.E.P. is a chemical product
  • L.E.P. doesn't have an overall beneficial effect

At this website you will read more concerning the beneficial results of Maca. We have publicised research reports, we explain to you the origin of Maca, what the ingredients are and what the effects of Maca are.

At the pages testosterone and libido you can find more information on Maca as a virility increaser. At this website it is also possible to order the virility increasing Maca. Because of the hormone stimulating operation, Maca is effective on both men and women.