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Joyvit® Maca 333mg Soft Caps

Product Info

  • Concentrated Maca Power
  • Equals 6 original Maca tablets
  • No odor or smell
  • Easy to take (smaller pill)

  • 333mg Maca Extract
  • 60 Soft Caps / jar
  • 1 à 2 Soft Caps / day
  • 36,95 USD(excl.shipping charge)

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Sojaolie (Gycine max), maca extract (Lepidium meyenii) 333 mg, gelatine, bevochtigingsmiddel: glycerol, emulgator: sojalecithine, glansmiddel: bijenwas, kleurstoffen: ijzeroxiden


  • More Energy
  • More Libido
  • Powerful dosage

Product Information

Some of the Benefits of Softgel Encapsulation are: Consumers are attracted to softgels because they are easier to swallow than conventional tablets. From a scientific point of view, softgels offer a greater stability of active ingredients and an extended shelf life. Softgels are able to mask unpleasant odors and taste of ingredients and also enhance the bio-availability of active ingredients. Another benefit in quality is that softgel manufacturing involves high precision, and therefore ensures greater accuracy of dosage. All the active ingredients are hermetically sealed in a soft gelatin shell and more readily undergo dissolution by gastric juices in the digestive system. The seal acts as a barrier for bacteria, yeast, mold and other environmental contamination. Hermetic sealing also prevents softgels from being tampered with. Raw materials need to be micronized in softgel technology. This offers homogeneity of ingredients ensuring precise fill dosage. This is not entirely possible in tablet formation where pill dosage may vary from pill to pill .