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About Maca lepidium meyenii

Maca plant high in nutritional values Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) is a tuberous plant that grows between 3,000 and 4,000 meters above sea level in the Peruvian Andes. Maca is the only plant that can survive at this altitude because of extreme weather conditions: brutally hot temperatures during the day and freezing cold temperatures at night.

The soil in which Maca is grown contains huge amounts of minerals which makes the Maca plant high in nutritional values, essential amino acids and important fatty acids. The plant is related to the cabbage family. Colour-wise it looks like a potato, but is shaped like a big radish. Maca has a sweet taste. In Peru, Maca is consumed in different ways: raw, baked or dried. Peruvians make cookies, tarts, chips and beverages with Maca. In Europe and North America, we mainly know Maca in its dried form, capsulated or gelatinized. The Maca root can be dried and powered, after which it can be stored for several years without much deterioration.

Maca from PeruRather, it is a high-grade nutriment with medicinal properties. The local population has been using the plant for thousands of years (see history & Inca Warriors). Even now, the Peruvians use Maca as a source of energy, as well as, other countries of South American, North America and in Europe. Maca is mainly known as "Peruvian Viagra" or "Peruvian Gingseng" because it helps stimulate the libido of both men and women. But Maca has many more positive effects (see Libido and Menopause). Maca is a 100% natural product. There are no known side effects when taking Maca.

Good Manufacturing Practice

The Maca you can buy on this website is the only genuine Maca from Peru. It is important you know this, because there are many kinds of Maca that aren’t cultivated in Peru. There are even synthetically cultivated forms of Maca. Since the latter is grown mostly in Europe, this Maca doesn’t contain any active components.

The Maca on this website is genuine Maca from Peru. It carries the certificate for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Tests are also regularly carried out by recognized European laboratories.